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Same-day appointments

In most instances we can accommodate same-day appointments. If your requested physician is unavailable the day you contact us, our staff can offer you an appointment with another physician at a time that is more convenient for you. To schedule your same-day appointment call (985) 446-2680 option 2.

Urgent care needs

Although appointments are required, patients with urgent care needs will be worked into our schedule as soon as possible. See some of ther urgent care services we provide here.

After hours care

Our on-call physicians are prepared to handle urgent situations and emergencies that cannot wait until the next morning. Call (985) 447-4487 after hours and our answering service will forward your message to the physician on-call who will work with you on an appropriate treatment or response. So that our lines remain open for emergencies, we ask that you not call after-hours with routine questions or prescription refills.

On-site laboratory and digital x-ray

Our on-site lab and x-ray capabilities help our physicians provide more responsive care. Having your lab test and x-ray results immediately available assists our physicians in diagnosing your condition, changing your medications and determining if further tests or a referral to a specialist are needed -- all during your scheduled appointment. On-site x-ray also allows our physicians to diagnose and cast simple bone breaks and fractures here in our clinic.